Start with purpose. (not porpoise)
I’m looking forward to our upcoming Strategy Workshop with you.
We believe in creating things on purpose, so one of the first things we’ll discuss is just that: purpose.

I'd like you to think a little about that now.
Let's get started!
Start with defining the why, and by the end of our workshop, you’ll have a clearer picture of the purpose behind your project.

After we determine the purpose, it will be our guiding compass to make sure we are solving the right problem. A clear purpose will make tough decisions easier to make.

Prep work:
Think deeply about your purpose as an organization. Why did you choose this career or business? Think about key things you do to help your organization accomplish that purpose.

5 minutes of action:
To get ready for our workshop together, please fill out this form before we meet.

Don't worry about getting this perfect, just use the first answer that comes to mind for each prompt.
What’s your organization's name? *

(e.g. "Harry's Bikes")
What’s your main product or service? (List one) *

(e.g. “Bicycle parts”)
In less than 10 words, write why your company really exists: *

We exist to: (e.g. "provide quality bike parts at a discount price”)
In 5 words or less, write a short phrase to describe what you want your company’s personality to be: *

(e.g. “passionate but fun-loving experts”)
Write the name of the customer you want the most: (can be famous or fictitious) *

(e.g. "Lance Armstrong")
Who is your biggest competition? *

(eg: "River City Cycles")
In 8 words or less, what sets your company apart from {{answer_33336781}}? *

(e.g. “we’re friendlier and more knowledgeable”)
If your ideal customer could only use one adjective to describe your company and their experience with you, what word would you want them to use? *

(e.g. “experts”)
What are two other words you'd want them to use to describe your company? *

(e.g. “friendly and outgoing”)
Nice job!!
I've just sent you an email with your answers. In the workshop, you'll get a chance to see how these fit into your new madlibs purpose statement.

See you soon!